Teacher Gifts

I use different book paper for different people, ie music for the music teacher and lonely planet pages for those from far away places. You could use maths themes, gardening pages, etc etc etc.

(I was inspired by these lovely pics found on April and May)

Christmas Pudding Sneak Peak

These are a little late this year, nevertheless after 6 hours of steaming they are off to age a little.

I have changed this recipe once again this year. I am hoping by the time the boys have children themselves it will be perfected.

Christmas Decorating 2

Christmas Tree Decorating

Saturday morning tree decorating...

Each year we collect a few goodies at the after Christmas sales and we are starting to have quite a nice collection. Sticking with the Scandinavian look because we all like it.

Party Today

A party today!

Rejoice The Cherries Have Arrived

We all stopped and admired the boxes of plump red cherries in the shop today.
Christmas is coming.

The Christmas pudding fruit mix is soaking in preparation for the pudding cook off this weekend.

We might even get to putting up the Christmas tree too.

The Christmas pixies haven't arrived yet...I wonder what door they will bring with them this year?

Have yourself a fun weekend.

Birthday Dinner For Nanny


A few pretty pastel decorations I made for Nanny and her dinner party...

The party tree with paper fan bunting.

Larger paper fan wheels (I don't know what they are called?) I hung from the ceiling.

I made a party hat, card and wrapped the prezzy to match.

The little box is from Style me Pretty.

Some white ink on brown paper for wall messages.

Handmade cards from the boys.

The menu was fairly simple, mostly seafood. 

I made sushi rice and rolled in toasted sesame seeds, made up some green Thai curry (quite thick) for a sauce and put thinly sliced Tuna steaks on a hot grill before serving on top of rice and curry. They were nice, but a little too much rice (note to self for next time).

I did try this recipe from Vogue Entertaining Magazine, which was very delish, a great starter. 

The eggs must not be overcooked, unless making for kids, as the runny egg yolk works like a sauce and the dish tastes completely different if you do, however we did omit the truffle oil and I made an alternate dressing of olive oil,lemon and aged red wine vinegar, but one day I will try as per the recipe.

We also had salmon kebabs with fresh prawns and for dessert I had every intention of making a macaron cake of some sort, however they didn't quite turn out right, so I made fresh raspberry couli, chantilly cream and macaron parfaits for all.

A lovely way to end the day.

Busy Weekend Together

Two parties and a piano recital for the boys this weekend, lots of time together...

It was all a bit too much for H, who fell asleep before J played (lucky we got it on video)

Well done J!
 It was perfect and with his head bopping along, he decided to add to the ending, to finish it off of course.

Bowling Birthday

We all went to a bowling birthday on the weekend. It was fun (the boys don't know how to bowl!).
Things have changed since I used to go to bowling parties. Even the adults food was really quite good...they have a chef!

This is early on with the ball mid air! 
J finally got the hang of it though.
(You can imagine how noisy it was with all the 7 year olds dropping the balls)

Even the little ones played!
We all enjoyed this party and might have to go bowling again some time.

Making Cards

A few birthday parties coming up this week, bowling, pirates and a dinner for Nanny. So we made some cards yesterday.

A nautical flag bunting card made from plain masking tape and string.

I like this one J made, very arty looking (spot the car and house?)

Science Experiment

The boys are forever putting their fingers in their mouths and I have been wanting to get some petri dishes and grow some bugs from their hands (to teach them about germs you can't always see). 

Until I locate the equipment, we did another experiment with baking powder in the balloon and soda water...

When you lift up the balloon, the baking powder falls in, a chemical reaction occurs and the gas blows up the balloon (that is the simplified version for a 7 and 3 year old of course).
One more thing on the christmas list - some cool science experiment books for kids!

I was inspired by this party  (The princess and the frog blog) (seen on Party Perfect)
This is such a cool party. 

Gingerbread Men Cards

There are only three weeks left till school finishes, we have lots on and we have already received two cards from the class, so we got started on these today...

A pack of paper dolls from the craft shop, which we cut up, coloured and stuck a chocolate gold coin on the back. 
We are doing 29, so writing on them in stages obviously.
Total cost = under $3

Christmas Tree Animation

J wanted an animation as well (naturally).
Thinking about Christmas decorations...

gif animation creator
Gif animation creator

Sesame SLEEP Story

I asked H to go and sit on the couch and read a book for rest time today. 
I went out 5 mins later to find this...

Sleeping with Sesame Street thoughts lingering.
Such a long day for little minds that don't want to stop learning.

An Awesome Book of Thanks

Some things didn't quite go to plan (my plan) today, but I know there is a bigger plan.
This lovely book is another reminder that I have plenty to be thankful for and all will work out in the end...

An awesome book of thanks by Dallas Clayton. You can read (and buy) the book here...

Hip Hip Hooray!

What I thrill I got to see J's Cowboy Party featured above on one of my favourite blogs.There is so much eye candy to check out so pop on over.
 Hip Hip Hooray! I say.

Animation Fun

gif animation creator
Gif animation creator

We could have lots of fun with this!

We Heart Junior Masterchef

When we saw those wonderfully talented, very young children on Junior Masterchef make these  Florentine Tartlets with Frangipane, well that was it, we had to try them ourselves.

That is what we did today, in between swims and wagon rides around the block.

They are delish!

I made a few changes...
1. It was way too humid to rub the butter in as per recipe, so I decided to use the Kitchenaid Sablee Pastry recipe instead, which is very tasty.
2. I had no honey in the cupboard to bind the florentine topping, so I used a small amount of treacle in its place and it was fine.
3. I used spelt plain flower for the pastry and it worked well.

I would make mini ones next time, as they are very large portions, very filling.
These would make lovely christmas treats after a dinner party.