Photoshop - Teaching Myself...

I am trying to learn how to use Photoshop, teaching myself by trying different things and making mistakes. 
I haven't found any good tutorials or blogs (with beginner instructions) on how to make your own actions or create vintage effects, so if anyone can recommend somewhere, please do, but I will keep playing with until then and continue to enjoy the retro look of this sweetie pie.

Pelican - Ink, Watercolour and Fabric

This is Scruffy our local pelican.
I used Ink and a little watercolour and glued on a 
piece of organic fabric (hemp and nettle).

I think it will be nice on a special piece of textured card.

Some Painting in between Play

Weekend Baking

The weather is getting cooler and it is baking time again.
The boys made bread and I made some profiteroles with creme patisserie from the old Womans Weekly French cookbook.

Bike Tracks

 Today the boys made some off road bike tracks and jumps.

Wild Dolphins Feeding

Sparky the dolphin brought his friends in for breakfast...this is great!

 Music (Carnival of the Animals - The Aquarium)

Scruffy The Pelican

Newspaper Marionette

I have been planning on doing a musical puppet show with the boys as part of our music/art studies, but have not decided on the type of puppet I want to make. 
I do like marionettes, so thought I would try an easy newspaper version (I don't like the messy paper mache when in a hurry).
There are plenty of tutorials on the web about how to make a marionette, but basically I just rolled newspaper tightly and put a thin piece of wire through each section so I could join them up.I used masking tape to keep the paper together and then glued fabric on after I had joined the limbs.
The head is a paper mache ball I got from spotlight, the hair is wool glued on and I stuck the eyes on after drawing them on paper.
The nose was a bit of string, but would be much nicer with something else.
Fishing line was attached to the wrists, head and knees and connected to the wood...

 I think I will try a fabric soft marionette next time, but this will get some play time.

The Weekend that was...

Dad Does Souffle

 Dad decided to make souffle with some help from the boys and I have to admit I did think it would be a flop, but it actually turned out quite ok, yummy souffle with raspberry sauce.

Afternoon Walk with Science

 Recently on a walk searching for rocks we spotted jellyfish, birds and seedlings (and sparky of course).

Recycling a Front Loader Washing Machine

 Our washing machine has been on its last legs for about a year now and we finally had to get a new one, however we all decided to pull it apart and see the inner workings, learn some tool skills and find interesting things to recycle.
There are plenty of screws and bolts, electrical wiring and computer boards, large springs, rubber hoses, belts and a giant drum. If only we had a bit more room to store all these parts and we could make some fantastic creations with recycled roadside machines, however for today we just had fun seeing how things work.

Sparky The Dolphin Returns

Thanks Sparky.

Meet Sparky our Dolphin

We are so,so fortunate to have a friendly dolphin that wants to interact with us on our walks. 
No it is not Flipper, but a playful, cheeky, sprightly youngster we have named Sparky. 
Each day these lovely creatures work together to herd fish into the canal where they can scoop them up.
We sit and watch them speed up and down in front of us, playing with their food, smashing their tails against the water, and stopping by to say hi and check us out. 
Today Sparky swam up with a fish hanging out of his mouth to show us what he had caught.
Our friend Scruffy the pelican also benefits from this feeding frenzy...he scoops us a free load of fish from the side of the canal as well.

You can't buy this kind of experience!
We are loving it.

Mothers Day 2012