A New Adventure...

We are on the move, travelling over 4000 km, on a new adventure!

This will explain the lack of posts recently, but some exciting ones await.

Can I blog on the IPad?

Just trying to sort out "Blogging on the road" with the iPad, so a quick test of the camera connection is required.
This week the boys did some art and a First Aid course.

The beginnings of a crochet circle tablecloth...

I am joining the circles together and will fill between the gaps with another design (hopefully) but it may take a little while to get a large rectangle together, I have only done three!

One Warm Spring Day...

A birthday party on a lovely spring day and a determined boy wanting to see what was inside...

Fathers Day 2012

Last weekend we celebrated Fathers Day with a breakfast out and some letters and handmade card. 

A lamington cake was decided on by H.

Saturday in the Hills - Kalamunda

We went to visit our friends in the hills of Perth today and there were so many beautiful things to see and hear...the sounds of nature!
I think this looks like a painting, perhaps I will get to doing that.

Perth is such a little city really in the world scheme of things.
Even the birds stop and look at the glorious view.
So many flowers popping up everywhere at this time of year.

A lovely day in the hills.