End of School Year Art

Some recent Art by the boys.
The salmon pencil drawing by H was copied freehand
 from a magazine picture in an attempt to practice drawing what we see.
These are some nature art mixed media examples.
 The wave was reworked from something H was not happy to put up in his room.

These are watercolour and ink blown trees, very effective finished results
we think..
Looking forward to more art in 2015.

Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve we sat and enjoyed a meal with family, 
some niceties from the wood fired oven, then watched some Christmas carols.

 A herb wreath from the garden.

Not too much in the way of Christmas decorations this year, but we did get around to making a Christmas pudding and cake, amongst other things.

 Our paper crane origami Christmas Tree.

 H made some gingerbread cookies.
Lifepointe Baptist Church Christmas Lights, farmyard and music production was inspiring and well worth a visit.
Merry, Merry Christmas.

Family Holiday on the High Seas- Part 7 Final days

Port Vila, another lovely spot for different reasons.
This time we decided to pay the price and visit a cultural centre to find out something about Vanuatu culture. I am so glad we did, we have gained so much knowledge from the two hours we spent walking around the forest home of a traditional tribe of 500. 
Ekasup Cultural village is not a show as such, but you are walked through the village and talked to about different ways of life, food, hunting, traditions, etc, etc.
Really worth while and fun.
This Island reminds me of Fiji, the people want to engage and are smiling and gentle (other than those with the spears hiding in bushes)

The Port is amazingly clear, you can see the fish and rocks next to the boat!
Coming in was quite and relaxed. 
Perhaps we take another look at the resort beaches next time.
 Well that was the last stop before three more days at see having fun.

 We all had an amazing holiday and we can't wait to save up for another cruise!
Carnival Legend was a great fun filled family ship, seventy percent of the passengers were families, and the rest a mix of young couples and older retired couples, great for kids. I think their entertainment will evolve considering the amount of families cruising, which will only make a great ship better (as would a change in decor).
It seems the cruising life is for us!
Signing off!

Family Holiday on the High Seas -Part 6

 A Second Paradise.

We nearly missed this lovely place, the Captain was unsure because of high winds and bad weather earlier in the morning, but we were meant to see this lovely spot in Vanuatu. 
The neighbouring Islands were getting rained on but it soon cleared and we were first on the beach for some more excellent snorkelling adventures.
After crossing the runway, which goes through the middle of the Island, we found a spot of crystal clear water and set about getting geared up.

There were plenty of fish to keep us occupied, including schools of quite large fish, nemo style fish, parrot looking fish, etc, etc and a Giant Porcupine fish (look him up).
H really got the hang of snorkelling and J is really confident with it now. 
We didn't carry our fins, so when the current changed we headed for the locals to have a chat and see what was on offer.
 This is a small Island, easily walked around, but no locals live on the Island, they say it is haunted at night, so they come across when the cruise ships arrive and they are extremely friendly and welcoming.
It is said the Queen herself stopped here for afternoon tea!

 Some outrigger canoeing.
 The local school children singing to raise money for books.

 The Island long drop, needless to say we waited.
Locals having fun with their history and making the most of tourist dollars.

 A lovely spot, beautiful locals, fun snorkelling, thank you Mystery Island.
 Next stop Port Vila, Vanuatu

Family Holiday on the high Seas -Part 5

Cruising into Noumea was picturesque, very mountainous and lovely clear water once agin.

We decide not to do any shore excursion here, hoping to walk around the city centre and speak French! unfortunately it was Sunday and everything was closed.
We walked to the markets and saw all the fresh produce and local fish market.
It was hot, but we decided to walk through the town.
It was not a particularly nice feeling with bars on windows, perhaps the resort areas are a little different.
We decided to head back to the ship as we were still tired after our beach day.

 Dad wanted to be on the ships cam.
Next Stop Mystery Island!

Family Holiday on the High Seas - Part 4


This is Yedjele beach where we spent the morning snorkelling and seeing tropical fish only metres from the sand. Coconuts lay strewn under the trees and little huts shaded local villagers selling their wares or "coka kola".
 We arrived early before the rush of 2000 cruise passengers spoilt the view (us included). It was windy but the the water was clear and fish life abundant. 
The boys learned to snorkel and what a great place to do it.

The locals were not as friendly as we had expected, those selling goods seemed inconvenienced and there was quite a bit of graffiti around the Island. 
Perhaps these cruise ships are an inconvenience (understandably), or perhaps they are welcome as a way of earning some cash and we misread the French speaking locals?
 I am undecided on what the case is because we didn't have an opportunity to talk to anyone except for the boys who played with a local boy who just smiled while Mum watched from under a tree.

We loved the snorkelling.

 I enjoyed the variety of trees.
Did I mention the beautiful water.
A lovely day at the beach.
 Thumbs up to Mare.
Next stop Noumea.