2015 Music Concert

 Last night we had the pleasure of going to a concert performance
at the" J Noosa".
Two familiar boys were performing!
 (amongst many other talented youngsters)
(including our good friend who is very talented on the saxophone)
It was the first time on stage for H and he was very at ease with both performances,
a spanish guitar solo and a group guitar piece.
Jarrod was comfortable on stage as usual and pulled off his solo classical piece and
accompanied performers in three other songs.
 They were all excellent, 
everything went to plan and we had an entertaining evening.

Glasshouse Trio Concert

Recently we went to a beautiful classical concert performance 
in a small hall in Eudlo.
It was a delight to listen to the piano, clarinet and cello.

Busy Bodies

Another Robotics/Electronics course completed.
 Another First Aid session completed 
(this one was obviously on bandaging techniques)

rehearsing for the big concert.